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Work visa to Poland

Schengen visa or a national visa may be issued for:
- work in a period not exceeding 6 months within the next 12 months, based on the statement of an intention to perform work, which is registered in poviat labor office;
- work as a driver for international road transport;
- work on the basis of documents other than the above statement or work other than driver.

Visas in order to work are entitled to stay on Polish territory, and to work, provided that a work permit, if required.

A national visa for work purposes, shall be issued or refused by the consul with jurisdiction over the alien's country of residence.

A Schengen visa or a visa national, in order to work may be issued to an alien who submits a work permit on Polish territory, or a written statement by the employer of the intention to the foreigner to work, if a work permit is not required.

Schengen visa or a visa to perform domestic work seems to be the period of residence, which corresponds to the period indicated in the authorization or statement of no more than the category of visa, in case of a visa in order to work in a period not exceeding 6 months within the next 12 months based on a statement of intention to provide work, period of stay for which the visa is issued can not be longer than 6 months during the 12 months commencing from the date of first entry of an alien in the territory of Poland.

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