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The employment of foreigners in Poland and work permit in Poland

Current rules on employing foreigners in Poland are divided, in principle, foreigners to nationals of the European Union and other countries, taking to each of these groups different treatment in the provision of work. Other procedures related to employment will also be a foreign correspondent, the other a university teacher, while others such as the Director General's representative in Poland.

For foreigners from the EU as a criterion for determining the degree of freedom in carrying out their work in our country adopted the nationality, or membership in a particular state. In the group of nationals of other uses generic criterion. Is different, because the employment policy in relation to various professions. For some professions the law do not require authorization. In relation to other procedures are simplified, consisting of the omission of certain requirements during the procedure to obtain a permit.

Recently made changes to the rules governing the employment of foreigners in Poland are moving towards open job market for foreigners, which is expressed primarily widening circle of people who can perform work without a permit, as well as simplifying the procedures for obtaining permits in question.

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